"Brought to Mind"

Ed Phillips

Ed Phillips worked for many years in the NHS, specialising in Microbiology and Parasitology. Even after moving on from the Pathology laboratory
he retained a fascination for our smaller creatures. In later years this influenced his photography and his interest in seeking-out and
photographing insects and other invertebrates.

At age 50, Ed decided to take voluntary early retirement from the NHS and to start his own consultancy company. This was also an
opportunity to develop his photography. Before long, a small commercial photography business was running in parallel with the consultancy.
Ed has since retired and now his photographic work is primarily for his own pleasure.

After retirement, macro photography of the small and very small occupied a lot of Ed’s time. On three occasions he had invertebrate images
"Highly Commended" in the British Wildlife Photography Awards. He has also supplied images to Buglife, the Invertebrate Conservation
Trust. Just over a year ago though, a new interest started to develop – still-life photography.

Ed had investigated a still-life technique that involves lighting a composition with torchlight. He liked the results and was determined to develop
his own style and “look”. The technique lends itself to items having surface texture and patina. For Ed, these items are generally vintage tools,
household items and objects showing a bit of age. Because of variation in reflectiveness and texture across the composition though, each element
needs to be lit separately. The individual images are then combined. In effect, this is an exposure-stacking process.

The technique can produce a rather painterly feel to the image and even a Dutch “Old Master” look. This works well with antique and vintage items.

Ed entered the Ludlow Seven photography competition for 2019. He was one of seven photographers chosen by the selection panel to exhibit their
work at the Photo Space in March 2019. The exhibition lasted four weeks and visitors were invited to vote for their favourite photographer.
Ed is the "People's Choice" winner for 2019.

"Brought to Mind" is Ed’s first solo exhibition and features a selection of his still-life work.