A season begins on 24 March of a series of exhibitions, events and talks with Paul Hill and Maria Falconer.

POST-PROCESSING TUITION - How to develop a RAW image

Many photographers express interest in learning more about “post processing” or “Lightroom” or “Photoshop”. We have this knowledge at the Photo Space and have developed a learning programme to serve the needs of people at different levels of experience.

Although the subject is vast, our belief is simple: if it is taking more than three minutes to post-process an image, either
1) Your workflow is not right and you are wasting your time, or
2) It is a special image that may deserve more time (e.g. to be printed for public display).

To get to this point, however, you need to know the features and choices available to you when post-processing.

The tuition we are offering is about post-processing RAW images to bring them to life, using either Lightroom or Photoshop (Camera Raw). But, with a few exceptions, the principles we talk about apply also to other products that have emerged as alternatives to Lightroom and Photoshop, such as Luminar and Affinity. We will provide for these additional products if demand requires.

For Lightroom users and others interested in how to organise, find and backup their images on computer, we offer an additional course, PP1, how to import/copy and name images; the storage and organisation of images; how to classify and find your images; and ways to backup your images and work. This is a 3-hour course. Booking details are at click here.  

To book places or to enquire about these courses, please click here.