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A series of workshops delivered by Claire Carter of cARTerART, and Peter Jones of the Photo Space.

With the kind permission of Caroline Magnus, the owner of Stokesay Court, this new series of workshops is an opportunity for keen photographers to follow a journey of how trees and their landscape change through the seasons.

The Location
... is exceptional - the beautiful gardens, grounds and pools of Stokesay Court, Onibury, Shropshire. This grand house and its gardens was the setting for the film "Atonement".   

SPRING workshop, Monday 21 May 2018

Price per workshop £95 per person

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The Subject
... is the trees and landscape in the gardens, grounds and pools of Stokesay Court. This creates an excellent opportunity to develop a wide range of photography skills: sunrise or sunset hours; landscape; low light; long exposure; use of filters; shooting into the light; reflections on water; close-up and macro; pros and cons of normal, wideangle and telephoto lenses.

The Workshops

The workshops, each of 1-day, are designed to follow the trees and landscape as they change with the seasons. Be prepared for early starts or late finishes to make best use of the Golden Hours. The aim is for each workshop to be practical - in the landscape, taking images, with expert guidance from Claire Carter. We have use of a 19C kitchen - itself full of photo opportunities - to get together to discuss the day and for refreshments and lunch. And each workshop will have a surprise component to stimulate your creativity.

A typical workshop day
(Timings and details may differ depending on the season and weather conditions on the day)
- Assemble at the entrance gate to Stokesay Court grounds by the 'start' time
- Proceed in convoy to a car park
- If an early morning workshop, proceed to area 1 for sunrise images
- Walk a short distance to the meeting room
- Introductions, arrangements for the day, tutorial presentation and discussion of camera settings
- Walk to area 1 for practical work - stunning trees around a pool and river
- Return to the meeting room for lunch and discussion about work done and issues raised
- Walk to area 2 for practical work - isolated trees in fields on the estate
- Special photography challenge *(below)
- Return to the meeting room to review work done, lessons learned and questions arising
- If a late evening workshop, proceed to area 3 for sunset/dusk images
- Disperse.

Who this is for
You do not need to have years of photography experience, but you should have a good understanding of your camera and lens(es), for example, the controls for Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO, and their use. The main requirement is that you are serious about your photography and you want to develop your photography skills. 

The next workshop is the Spring Workshop, for new growth, early flowers and daffodils: Monday, 21 May 2018

Start and end times are chosen to capture early morning and/or late light and arrangements for each workshop will be flexible to cater for weather and light conditions on the day.

The price
The price for a single workshop is £95 per person but this reduces to £87 per person if three workshops are booked together. There is more detail about pricing and how to pay on our website. 
Pricing Amount = per person
A single workshop £95.00 £95.00
Two workshops, booked together £180.00 £90.00
Three workshops, booked together £262.50 £87.50
- Best value, financially and creatively, is to book four workshops so that you follow scenes in each season of a year.
- Group discounts are available on request.
- Gift Certificates are available.

What to do to book your place(s)
A price list and booking form is on our website, together with more detail about the workshops, how images can be used and other arrangements.

What you need to bring with you
- Your camera, with spare charged batteries and storage cards
- The instruction manual for your camera if you have it
- Tripod (we will have several spares if you do not have one)
- Filters, if you use them
- Clothing and boots suitable for the season and the weather on the day
- Your lunch and warm/soft drinks

Fitness and access
The areas we will be visiting are straightforward with no gates or stiles but are not suitable for manual wheelchairs or powered mobility vehicles. If wet, the ground may be slippery.
The workshops involve short walks, much standing up and tripod work.
Please telephone us if you have questions about mobility.

Privacy and copyright

Stokesay Court is a private house, with outbuildings, tenants and businesses throughout the estate and we are given access with the kind permission of the owner, Caroline Magnus. To protect privacy, photography is permitted in certain areas but not others, and there are restrictions on how photographs taken during a workshop may subsequently be used.

The Stokesay Court house cannot be included in the photographs you take except for one element of the day when, with the permission of the owner, there will be a competition:
- For about 30 minutes during a workshop day, all participants will be able to take external images of the house and gardens
- After the workshop you are asked to email these images to us. We will go through them with Stokesay Court staff to select some for use on Stokesay Court postcards and website, with accreditation to the photographer. Only the chosen images can be published.

Apart from this, no photographs taken during the workshop can be used for commercial purposes.
The following are allowed:
-  lo-res images used on websites and social media
-  entry in photographic competitions
with a statement that the images are used with the permission of Stokesay Court.

Each participant will be asked to sign an agreement to confirm they will comply with these arrangements.

Preparation training
You may wish to brush up your technical and skills before the workshops. We offer 1:1 sessions at £40 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours, at our or your premises, to suit our needs. This can be used also for post-processing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik.


Please telephone 0330 900 0290 or email visit@thephotospace.co.uk if you have any questions.

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